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46 incubators being deployed in Morocco

As part of its program in the field of neonatology and mother-child health, the Embassy of the Order of Malta in Morocco, between December 2023 and February 2024, deployed 46 incubators in 11 hospital structures providing care intensive care for children born prematurely in the regions of Rabat and Fez.


The Minister Counsellor, Sophie de Puyraimond is in Tangier to visit the health institutions

The Minister Counsellor, Sophie de Puyraimond is in Tangier to visit the health institutions supported by the Order in the north of Morocco


The Ambassadeur attend in Rome a ceremony in honour of the Apostolique Nunzio

The Ambassador, H. Exc. Julien Brunie participates in Rome at the invitation of Her Exc. Ambassador Raja Naji, at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Holy See and to the Sovereign Order of Malta and delivered a speech on the occasion of the elevation to the dignity of Grand Cross of thé Wissam Al Alaoui of H E Rev. Mgr Vito Rallo, Apostolic Nuncio who just complete his mission to His Majesty the King of Morocco.

International news


IX Conference of the Americas of Sovereign Military Order of Malta opens in Panama

The IX Conference of the Americas opens on 28 February in Panama, bringing together all the presidents of the National Associations and representatives of the Order of Malta’s diplomatic missions…


Ukraine two years later. Order of Malta’s constant commitment

Two years ago today, the Russian army attacked Ukraine; since then, 6.4 million people have fled abroad, 14.6 million need assistance and 3.7 million are internally displaced. Military force still…


Order of Malta at Munich Security Conference: attacks against relief operators crimes against humanity

In opening the high level side event: “Protecting the Protectors: Upholding the Safety of Humanitarian Workers in Conflict Zones” – within the 60th Munich Security Conference framework – which starts…